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Suzie Sequin is the owner of Suzie's Dressing and Shopping Service in Dublin City CentreSuzie’s dressing service was founded in 2010 by me, Suzie Sequin, an English girl now settled and living in Dublin. I moved here 8 years ago having completed studies at drama school in London and after working for a while in this field I sought a different life. Coming from a theatrical background I always had a taste for sparkle and glitter and found the idea of turning boys into girls extremely appealing! I always had an interest in gender fluctuation and its various forms having met t-girl and transgender girls during my my time on the theatrical scene in London. I enjoy creating an environment where you can feel welcome and at ease during your girly ‘time out’ from male life. I also have many transgender clients who more than anyone need a neutral non judgmental environment to learn and grow. I like clients to feel at home and relaxed without the feelings of angst that are often associated with dressing. I do try my best to make clients feel comfortable from the word go, then you can enjoy your girl time without looking over your shoulder or feeling stressed. I enjoy talking to the girls who visit me about the fun frolics and follies of their dressing. I have heard most things at this stage, welcomed hundreds of ‘newbies’ and put them on the path to discovering their feminine side.

All sizes and shapes are catered for, I use only quality wigs in my makeovers, many of which are lace fronted for a very natural hair line and a more convincing end result. Corsets and shape wear are also used in my transformations (as required) to achieve those feminine curves all girls love!!

I like to keep things personal and informal; to this end I have and always will provide my service in a discrete domestic setting as apposed to a shop or salon environment. My services are generally one to one but often welcome two or three girls at a time for a more sociable dressing session with often friends visiting at the same time to dress together.

All are welcome and I meet girls of all ages and from every walk of life, dressing doesn’t discriminate in any way. My work has brought many friends and a lot of fun, I see the good and bad days of the girls that visit me and this has enriched and coloured my life immeasurably, its nice to be needed and to be a comfort to people, to see them develop and to be a part of that. I am delighted that the dressing service has brought together so many new friends and I love watching their support of each other as indeed they have supported me as well. I have learned that just about anyone could be a dresser. I am constantly surprised by the types of guys who come through my door wishing to pop on a frock!

I look forward to welcoming you to my dressing service.

Suzie Sequin - Dressing service for crossdressers, transvestites and transgender girls.