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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. No one in my daily life knows of my dressing. Am I assured complete discretion when visiting?

A. Yes, your identity and appointment will always be kept secret, I will never text or phone mobile numbers provided by a client unless prompted.

Information about Suzie Sequin's male to female transformation service in Dublin.

Q. Will all make up be removed before I leave?

A. YES Absolutely! All make up and eye brow coverage is temporary and you will leave as you arrived.

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Q. Do I need to be hair free to be dressed?

A. Not necessarily, while being hair free does help to achieve a more feminine look hair can be covered easily with high neck tops, shrugs, opaque tights and gloves etc.

Information for crosdressers about Suzies Dressing Service in Dublin, Ireland.

Q. Do you provide all clothes including underwear?

A. Yes, whilst a lot of clients choose to bring there own underwear, everything is provided, under garments, Hosiery, breast forms, wigs, shoes, accessories and full wardrobe.

Information for transvestites about Suzies Dressing and Shopping Service in Dublin.

Q. I have limited time and often don’t know when I am available; do you take bookings at short notice?

A. I usually book about a week ahead but always do my best to fit in clients at short notice at some point in the day wherever possible.


Q. I plan to go on somewhere following my session, is it possible to leave dressed in my own clothes?

A. Yes, you are quite welcome to leave the service dressed.


Q. I am big and tall, do you cater for large sizes?

A. Yes my clothing range caters for dress sizes 8-28 with shoes sizes 5-12.


Q. Can I bring my own clothes with me?

A. Yes I am happy for clients to bring there own clothes to the dressing service.


Q. I have never dressed before – is it ok for a first timer to visit?

A. Yes I am happy to welcome newbies who have never dressed before and indeed 30% of the girls who visit me have never even worn make up prior to visiting! All are welcome.


Q. If I cancel my appointment, is my deposit refunded?

A. The deposit is only refunded if a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) notice before the scheduled appointment is given. Otherwise, the deposit is non refundable.